In memory of Rebekah Bunting

In memory of Rebekah Bunting

We are remembering one of our local children Rebekah Bunting who became sick 2 years ago this month and whose Mum & Dad and all who loved her came to know the cruel and devastating meaning of 4 brutal letters: DIPG which turned their world upside down and changed their lives forever.

At just 9 years old Rebekah became sick in March 2013, she was diagnosed with DIPG in June 2013 and just 11 weeks later on 10th August 2013 gained her Angel wings.


To view the DIPG campaign poster click on the image above.

Please consider leaving a message of support for her family on their DIPG Awareness site:

DIPG is the most fatal of all childhood Brain Tumours, and accounts for approximately 80% of all Brain Cancer deaths in Children.

DIPG occurs in a most delicate area of the brainstem (the "pons"), which controls many critical functions, including breathing and blood pressure.

Its location, as well as the way it infiltrates normal brain tissue, makes surgical removal impossible and it is one of the most resistant of all cancers to chemotherapy treatments. Currently the only standard UK treatment is 6 weeks of palliative radiotherapy to relieve symptoms before the tumour returns more aggressively.

Unlike many other childhood cancers, there has been little progress in improving treatments and cure rates for DIPG over the last few decades. DIPG affects 40 children a year in the UK with most Research funding coming from the parent-led charities who have all lost a child to the disease.

Abbie’s Army are a UK parent-led charity dedicated to not only raising awareness about DIPG but as foundational partners in the DIPG Collaborative have been leading the way in funding peer review approved DIPG Research programmes.   

Rebekah’s parents support the vital work of Abbie’s Army and would like people to consider making a simple text donation in memory of their daughter.

With a simple text you can Support dedicated DIPG Research to help find a cure and change the outcomes for other Children:

Text DIPG20 £ to 70070 For other ways to support their research funding see their website: