IBTA 2nd World Summit...

IBTA 2nd World Summit...

In October 2015, Maggi Whyte, Chair and Kate Ferguson, Honorary Secretary, representing Brainwaves NI, attended the International Brain Tumour Alliance 2nd World Summit for Brain Tumour Patient Advocates.

With more than 70 participants from 27 countries, the Second World Summit of Brain Tumour Patient Advocates enables those working on behalf of brain tumour patients to meet our counterparts and colleagues from the global brain tumour community.

Our chair, Maggi Whyte said,

“It is heartening to meet so many dedicated people who are passionately committed to collaborating and working to achieve the best outcomes for patients and their families on the issues of Care, Quality of Life, Support and Treatments.”  

The conference was an unequivocal success and provided a unique opportunity for patient advocates to share information, exchange best practice and discuss and debate some of the pressing topics in the field of brain tumours today.

In addition to patient advocates (some of whom were patients or caregivers/ former caregivers); the Summit participants included a number of medical and research professionals, and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry.

The presence of a diverse group of stakeholders at the Summit ensured that there was an educational, collaborative and transparent focus on some of the biggest issues facing the international brain tumour community today.

To this end, the main topics discussed were:

> The latest and most promising brain tumour therapies, encompassing neuro-oncological, surgical and supportive care approaches

> Quality of life issues and measures and how they are perceived in various regions of the world

> Brain tumour case studies in the context of country-specific settings (specifically Cameroon, France, Croatia, India and Turkey)

> Healthcare systems and regional challenges, including access to therapies, support and information

> The Brain Tumour Patients’ Charter of Rights

> ‘Thinking outside of the box’ regarding research and development for brain tumour treatments

> Paediatric brain tumours: sharing experiences from the United States, Japan, South Africa, Italy and Spain


The full Report of the Second World Summit of Brain Tumour Patient Advocates can be read here.


Photograph: © Katherin Wermke at Barcelona Photographer, www.barcelonaphotographer.com